Month: May 2016

Planet Coaster Livestreams all in one place!

Alpha 2 Detailed Here you can find the entire Livestream playlist from Planet Coaster.  Their latest stream titled “Fast Track” focusses on the coasters of course.  But beyond coasters this alpha 2 update brings so much more.  Watch the stream to find out all the details....

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Parkitect on Steam

Parkitect will unlock on steam within the next hour.  Wherever you bought your copy of the game, you should now see the option to “Link to Steam” or to “Unlock on Steam”.  From here you’ll be given your steam key for unlocking Parkitect in Steam.  Open steam and log into your account and choose “Games” from the top menu and select “Activate a Product on Steam”.  Voila!  Exciting day for Parkitect...

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