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Pre-alpha 9 has been released and here is the breakdown.

Pre-Alpha 9 Changelog

– added Tourbillon
– added general purpose blueprints (can contain about anything now)
– added cobblestone and gravel path styles
– added changing fence style of flat rides
– added Tilt Shift option to graphics settings menu (disabled by default)
– added options for hiding paths, attractions
– added renaming people
– added new settings screen (+ changing resolution, rebinding keys)
– added a few missing scenery structure pieces
– guests without a map can also head for specific locations like shops and rides etc. now, but less frequently
– did a tracked ride excitement rating balance pass
– made it possible to raise fences
– changed rocks to be recolorable
– improved raised object building
– improved save/load dialog performance
– improved people performance
– overall performance improvements
– increased guest spawn rate
– improved error handling when encountering problems with loading modded objects
– fixed people sometimes getting stuck
– fixed ride entrance/exit sometimes rotating towards a path it couldn’t connect with
– fixed a case where deleting a bobsled coaster station would crash the game
– fixed a case where guests would never leave a coaster
– fixed round settings of some flat rides getting reset
– fixed zoning tools and other mouse tools deleting objects when right-clicking
– fixes issues on Linux with Nvidia GPUs