The Facts

Description: Parkitect is a theme park construction and business simulation game.

History: The game started as a simple experiment at simulating roller coasters without any ulterior motive. GIFs of these experiments were posted to to the TIGSource game developer forum where they were met with great responses. Development continued, features were added, and suddenly here we are, working on a complete theme park business simulation game!


  • Build and manage unique theme parks
  • Design and build your own rollercoasters
  • Hire and manage staff to keep the park maintained and operating smoothly
  • Build the infrastructure to your park, such as employee roadways and hubs
  • Upgrade the park with advanced systems and transit options



Developer: Texel Raptor – Based in ?

Release date: TBA

Platforms: Windows, Mac / Linux planned

Website: themeparkitect.com

Regular Price: TBA


Parkitect Developer's Imgur

Current Parkitect Build - Pre-Alpha


TPS Numbers

These numbers breakdowns are completely of the opinion of TPSMidway.com staff and do not reflect any official source or any other outside sources opinions.  This is to give you an idea of what you can expect from this simulation in regards to gameplay, graphics, etc.

  • Realism 70%
  • Complication Factor 20%
  • Simulation Factor 40%
  • Gaming Aspects 80%
  • Fun Factor 100%


Parkitect on Steam

Parkitect will unlock on steam within the next hour.  Wherever you bought your copy of the game, you should now see the option to "Link to Steam" or to "Unlock on Steam".  From here you'll be given your steam key for unlocking Parkitect in Steam.  Open steam and log...

New Terrain Generator Mod

This new mod release for Parkitect will allow for automatic terrain generation.  You can see in the screenshot, various elements are available including amount of water, trees, hills, and valleys.  Simple yet powerful mod from ikkemtim over at parkitectnexxus.com....

Parkitect – Pre-Alpha 3 Released

http://themeparkitect.tumblr.com/post/130290403817/pre-alpha-3-available Pre-Alpha 3 Changelog: added Mac support added Double Ferris Wheel ride added Vertical Drop Coaster added Helix track segments added newest available game version check to splash screen added...

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